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Members 2017 AGM 02 August

Dear Member,

Our forthcoming Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place at 20.00 hours on Wednesday 02 August 2017 at Bledlow Village Hall. It is your AGM and all members are urged to attend and participate: you will be made very welcome on the night and so do please come along, if you can! If you have not been to Bledlow Village Hall previously, then it is sited conveniently on the B4009 between Princes Risborough and Chinnor (SatNav HP27 9QF). 

Please scroll below for details of our Agenda together with Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting

In addition and as previously agreed, a short-form and less formal Statement for 2016 (which includes a summary of accounts and may be more informative) will be communicated separately by email to members and will also be available in hard copy format on the night. 

Also, a brief statement of Directors' Profiles (those for election / re-election), 
has been sent by email to members and hard copies will also be available on request. 

If you would like to know anything further then please contact Roger Shipway, Company Secretary, 

I very much look forward to seeing you at the AGM and thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Woodward



To be held on Wednesday 2 August 2017 at 20.00 at Bledlow Village Hall, Bledlow, Bucks.

1.       Welcome

2.       Apologies for absence

3.       To approve the Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

4.       Reports from Chairman and directors

5.       To receive the Financial Director’s report and to approve the Association Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2016.

6.       Appointment of Independent Examiner

          To re-appoint SVP Associates Ltd as Independent Examiner of the Association.

7.       Member resolutions

8.       Appointment of directors:

(i) The following directors retire by rotation and being eligible offer themselves for re-election: Andy Diston, Jamie Goodman and Danny Woodward.

(ii) The following directors were co-opted during the year stand down and being eligible offer themselves for election: Phil Marsh, Stanley Hart and Andrew Walker.


a)    Ian Hutchinson retired by rotation but does not offer himself for re-election.

b)    Simon Thorpe, Claire Conway-Crapp, Rob Fraser and Rob Evans resigned during the year to this AGM. Simon Thorpe also retired as Company Secretary during the year and Roger Shipway was appointed in his place

c)    The appointment of directors will be by confidential poll, and to be elected a potential Director requires a majority of "For” votes cast for him/her.

9.       Any other business

10.    Closure of Meeting

To download pdf of the Company accounts please see here

To download pdf of the Association accounts and the Chairman's Report please see here.

Voting by Proxy

If you cannot attend the AGM in person you can vote by proxy. Please click on the link below to obtain the proxy form. Full instructions are contained on the form.

Click here to download a pdf of the proxy form http://www.chinnorrailway.co.uk/shopimages/Proxy Form 2017.pdf


 Minutes of Annual General Meeting 3 August 2016

Bledlow Village Hall

Item No


Actions – what and who


Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Steve Boulding, Phil Byrom, David Revel, Ian Hutchinson, Ian Challen, Glynn Bann, Jamie Goodman, Robert Burch, Danny Woodward, David Collins, Terry Williams, Peter Thomas and Rob Frazer


As the Chairman Danny Woodward had set his apologies the meeting was chaired by Company Secretary Simon Thorpe






To approve the Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting (previously distributed)

Minutes were accepted once details of the missing Proposers and Seconders had been entered


Proposer :- Michael Fincham

Seconder :- Bob Tucker


Carried unanimously










Reports from Chairman and Directors

The Chairman’s Report had been circulated in hard copy.


Les Mott and Dave Maxey reported that ticket revenue had increased from £115,000 to £142,991 that was 24% increase.  Ticket Income was only part of the overall commercial activity figures.  Currently we have most of our income coming from Tickets and Commercial, but we need to be accessing Grants from various sources.  Ideally we should be aiming for 60% income from Grants donations and other income streams etc., with Tickets and general commerce making up 40% of income, but currently we have too little grant etc. income.

Thanks we offered to all members who volunteered to make everything work. However we are a currently only a GWR Branch line but need to be offering more activities so we became a Visitor Attraction.

It was pointed out that we are all ‘ambassadors’ for CPRRA especially when we meet the public ‘Face to face’.

It was pointed out that our Advertising Budget is limited so we don’t use Railway magazines to advertise all events as they are expensive and only reach rail enthusiasts.  Our target advertising audience for the bulk of our general events are families and older people.

Russell Lacey commented that increased Ticket sales suggests increased number of passengers travelling, but Catering income had not gone up in parallel. Steph explained how her ‘figures’ were calculated and pointed out that there were issues with the costs of all cleaning materials for the whole railway being counted against Catering Income figures.


































JC and RL to discuss this matter with Steph and plan how to resolve the issue.



To receive the Financial Director’s report and to accept the Association accounts for the year ending 31 December 2015

John Carter reported a 24% increase in Sales figures, whilst most other income streams had only gone up 20%.  General Fundraising income has gone down, but more fundraising is now directed at Restricted Funds e.g. REC, Princes Risborough Platform, PRNB, Class 31 etc.


John explained that we were holding adequate funds to cover expected upcoming expenses.


Our Insurance costs have increased from £15,000 to £25,000 due to an increase in Insurance Premium from the Government.  A question was raised about how we could save money on insurance, but the meeting was assured that there were no more cost effective options.


The Term ‘Cash Balance’ had been questioned and it was explained that this was not the actual value of our rolling stock as if sold we would only get their scrap value.


Russell Lacey raised the point that the income from Membership fees does not cover the costs of the producing and circulating the magazine; so each time a magazine is produced CPRRA loses money.


It was suggested that the collection of Membership Subscriptions involves significant Admin effort, which could potentially alleviated if Subs were collected by Direct Debit.  This is a matter that is already under investigation.  


It was proposed that the accounts be accepted.


Proposer :  Richard Weston

Seconder : Richard Filmore


Carried unanimously







Appointment of Accountant


SVP Accountants were proposed for re-election


Proposer :  Simon Thorpe

Seconder : Andy Diston


Carried unanimously










Members proposed resolutions


No proposed resolutions were presented








Election and re-election of Directors


Simon Thorpe explained that 1/3 of the current Board were due to stand down and potentially offered for election again.  Also all Directors co-opted needed to stand for election.


57 members present cast ballots which were then counted and the result was that the following members were elected to the Board :-


For re-election      John Carter

                              Rob Fraser

                              Steve Growcott


Co-opted for election  Rob Evans

                                    Russell Lacey

                                    Bob Tucker


A question was raised about the publicity around the date and time of AGM.  Simon Thorpe explained that all members had been sent emails with links to the AGM Agenda and other documents.  For members currently without email addresses on their membership records had been sent the details by post and also asking if they had email addresses.  Subsequently 40+ more membership email addresses were obtained.


It was explained that Colin Ogilvie our IT Manager is working on a database of Member details, which should alleviate the problems that many members said they had not received the AGM notification email.  It was also noted that we use MailChimp so the emails should not got into Spam folders.


Nigel Cox raised the issue that document like the AGM Agenda being accessed by links from a website or email was not always effective.






Any other business






The meeting closed at 21.00









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