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31163 (D5581)

Our Class 31 locomotive had not run for some considerable time and it was stopped with numerous repairs being required: these range from a major failure within the air system to having unusable doors and heavy cab corrosion. Our image here was obviously taken in better days and to put so much right our willing volunteers are once again pitching in to help (thanks Guys!); but we still need to raise monies to cover the cost of basic materials and a repaint...

With your help and donations we will be able to bring this splendid workhorse back to its prime and give it a new lease of life. We are desperate to see the locomotive operating once again and not only because it is a vital locomotive within our traction stable, but the fact that it has actually operated on our picturesque line gives us the spur to return it to revenue earning duties!

See our blog for an update on repairs.

Brush Traction
BR Class 31
Built year
Extensive repairs almost complete

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