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D8568 was built by the Clayton Equipment Co, works No 4365U69 and is the sole survivor of the 117 built. The locomotive was first introduced in January 1964 and allocated to Haymarket, near Edinburgh. It was withdrawn from traffic in September 1971 and stored at Polmadie, until it was sold in September 1972 to the Hemel Hempstead Lightweight Concrete Co.

In 1977 the locomotive moved north to Ribblesdale Cement at Clitheroe, Lancs. However, the Clayton proved too large for their requirements at Clitheroe and was frequently used on one engine only.

D8568 was eventually put up for private sale in December 1982, and was purchased by the Diesel Traction Group (DTG) who moved it by road to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Pickering on 11 February 1983. During its years at NYMR it received a full overhaul and repaint back to its original green livery.

In August 1991 it was moved to Old Oak Common Depot in West London for display during the Open Days at the depot. Since then it was put into store at Old Oak Common until being moved by rail to Chinnor on 25 April 1992.

The locomotive has been regularly used for passenger services at Chinnor but was sent to the Severn Valley Railway for maintenance in 2019. We are pleased that DTG have returned the loco to Chinnor in late July 2022 and we look forward to her hauling our services frrom time-to-time during the remainder of the 2022 season!

Historical Note:

Ordered as a successor to the pilot scheme Type 1s, this fleet of centre cab locomotives were probably the least successful of any type. Not only was this in respect of having a central cab, whereby the driver had to look over a bonnet in either direction, but the power units, which were Paxman 6ZHXL units, giving a dubious performance. Electrical equipment was provided by Clayton for the first 88 locomotives, and Crompton Parkinson for the remainder.

The initial order was for 88 locomotives, all for use in Scotland. During late 1961 a second order for 29 locomotives was placed, giving a total of 117 on order, running numbers allocated being D8500-D861 6. Construction of the first order was awarded to the Clayton Equipment Co., from where the first locomotive emerged in September 1962.

Stock body
50' 7" x 8' 9
BR Class 17
Built year
Engine output
Engine type
Two Paxman 67HXL
Fuel tank capacity
500 Gallons
12' 8
Original two tone Green
Max speed
60 MPH
Tractive effort
Four GEC WT421 Axle Hung Traction Motors
68 tonnes
Wheel arrangement
Bo Bo Diesel electric
Wheel diameter
3' 3
Bo-Bo DE

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