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Locomotive Roster for 2018

Below you will find the provisional Chinnor and Princes Risborough locomotive roster for the 2018 operations season.

Enthusiasts will no doubt be aware that heritage machinery can, by virtue if its age, be fragile and temperamental. Whist we will make every attempt to adhere to this roster please note that we may be forced to amend it. In these cases we will update this web page and publish such changes on our social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter). Despite this there may be occasions where we are forced to make changes at very short notice. We apologise in advance for any disappointment or inconvenience if, and when, such instances occur.

Brief details of these locomotives may be found at http://www.chinnorrailway.co.uk/article.php/8/locomotives
Date Day Timetable Diesel Loco Steam Loco
18-Aug-18 Sat Summer D8059 5526 
19-Aug-18 Sun Standard D8059  
23-Aug-18 Thu Summer  D8059 5526
25-Aug-18 Sat History & Nature 55023  
26-Aug-18 Sun Standard 37227/D8059 5526
27-Aug-18 Mon Standard D8059 5526
30-Aug-18 Thu Summer 37227/D8059 5526
01-Sep-18 Sat Steam Experience   5526
02-Sep-18 Sun Standard D8059 5526
08-Sep-18 Sat Diesel day D8059,(31163/37227)  
09-Sep-18 Sun Standard (31163/D8059) 5526
16-Sep-18 Sun Standard 37227 5526
23-Sep-18 Sun Standard D8059 5526
30-Sep-18 Sun Standard D8568 5526
06-Oct-18 Sat Steam Experience   5526
07-Oct-18 Sun Standard 31163 5526
14-Oct-18 Sun Standard D8059 5526
21-Oct-18 Sun Standard 37227 5526
27-Oct-18 Sat Standard D8568 5526
28-Oct-18 Sun Standard D8188 5526
01-Dec-18 Sat Santa D8568 5526
02-Dec-18 Sun Santa D8568 5526
08-Dec-18 Sat Santa 31163 5526
09-Dec-18 Sun Santa 31163 5526
15-Dec-18 Sat Santa D8059 5526
16-Dec-18 Sun Santa D8059 5526
20-Dec-18 Thu Santa D8568 5526
22-Dec-18 Sat Santa 37227 5526
23-Dec-18 Sun Santa 37227 5526
29-Dec-18 Sat Mince Pie 37227 5526
30-Dec-18 Sun Mince Pie 31163 5526
31-Dec-18 Mon Mince Pie D8059&D8188 5526

Last Updated: 5th July 2018

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