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General Volunteer Vacancies

Volunteer Catering Staff and On-train Stewards:

We operate a small tea room which has a five-star rating on the platform at Chinnor and is in our historic Cambrian Railways coach.


We also offer an at-seat trolley service of tea, coffee and light snacks on all our steam hauled services - on certain days we also offer Cream Teas in the Afternoon Tea Car and Ploughman's Lunches in the Luncheon Car. In addition, we operate Fish and Chip Quiz Nights and full dining on our Murder Mystery trains - both with a paid bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


These catering and bar services are an essential part of our customer offer and they are very much in demand – you may see from our What’s on page that on-train seats for catering services sell-out very quickly - this vital revenue stream from our catering operation goes directly into the Railway's coffers to help us keep the trains running.


Our on-train Stewards are our front-line volunteers who meet and greet our visitors and a high standard of personal presentation is expected. They provide the at-seat refreshment trolley service and keep the inside of the coaches clean throughout the running day, plus they wait at table for Cream Teas and Ploughman’s Lunches and help serve evening meals.


Due to the continued expansion of the Railway and the ongoing development of our catering services an opportunity for a new volunteer post of On-train Catering Manager is being created – if you have good organisational skills and can work hands-on in this new role, please get in touch!  In addition, we always need those who have good people skills and who would enjoy interacting with our customers as Stewards – could you wait at table or operate the through-the-train trolley service, or help in the Tea Room? We can offer full or half-day volunteer options and to find out more please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Station Masters and Station Staff:

If you would enjoy meeting and greeting our visitors and have good people skills, then this could be a very rewarding and enjoyable volunteer role for you.


Station Masters and their staff are a vital part of the visitor experience and good presentation, plus attention to detail, are key to making our visitors feel wanted and wanting to come back for more. If you would like to know more then please contact our Volunteer Coordinators


Volunteer Permanent Way Staff:

Our Railway is often praised by visitors who are ‘in the know’ about the quality of our trackwork. With increasing mechanisation, the P-Way team is an exciting and innovative Department to be part of and for example there is some serious work being undertaken at Princes Risborough right now.


Providing the trackwork for a safe and expanding railway is very fulfilling, and the local team is known for its camaraderie and can-do attitude (and the partaking of tea and biscuits!). If you would like to know more about how to join them please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Carriage and Wagon Staff:

Working mostly midweek (often on Tuesdays) our C&W team restore and maintain our passenger and goods fleet - it could be anything from painting a carriage roof to putting the coach batteries on-charge – there’s also repairing upholstery, cleaning windows and floors – in fact there's always plenty to do!  To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Locomotive Crew:

Starting as an engine cleaner, ensuring the locomotive is well turned-out for the day, you'll learn about how they work and how to work them. Progression to Fireman and then Driver is dependent on how well you can acquire the necessary skills to perform these safety-critical jobs. The same standards also apply for diesel locomotive work. To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Signal and Telecoms Staff:

The current focus of the S&T department is the continued work at Princes Risborough, including the restoration of Princes Risborough North Signalbox. To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Engineering Staff:

Whether you're a skilled engineer already or a complete novice, we have a never-ending array of clean(ish) and (extremely) dirty jobs lined up for you! There’s routine maintenance and repairs of our existing diesel locomotives, including Haversham, 08825 and Iris, plus a plethora of other jobs (large and small) some of which will be undertaken in our new Restoration shed (REC). To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


Volunteer Tuesday Gang:

Keeping our station site at Chinnor looking spick and span and in all its steam-age glory is the responsibility of our Tuesday Gang. Whether mowing grassed areas, trimming hedges, keeping planters looking fresh, doing small running repairs, painting and decorating, cleaning etc, is all undertaken on Tuesdays. To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.


We are now seeking to recruit a new volunteer Head of Department and we are always looking for new volunteers who can turn their hand to light-work and general maintenance. To find out more please contact our Volunteer Coordinators.

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