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Pull & Push railway for 3-7 year olds!

Our volunteer John has constructed a 'Pull & Push' children’s railway layout in Chinnor station marquee for 3-7 year olds to enjoy on their visit. The Push & Pull will be open on all train operating days from Friday 03 June and onwards.

The area covers 96 square feet and a lap of track is over 40 feet - with four panoramic areas to visit, it's quite a sizeable experience. The trains run on blue plastic track with simple points and the children are able to pull or push different trains through various scenic locations, housing and industrial settings, etc. There is a city, a town with a castle and harbour, and a village by the seaside, together with a slate quarry and mine.  A simple road allowing vehicles to be pushed around the perimeter is also offered. Oh, and there is another large 'surprise' area that the trains can be pulled or pushed through too!

John reminds us the Pull & Push railway was not designed to be an enthusiasts’ model railway with children just watching: instead it is totally hands-on for 3-7 year olds* and with up to seven trains that can be run simultaneously, it means several families can share and enjoy the experience at the same time. John says if you enjoy the experience, then a small donation is greatly appreciated and will go towards the construction of our 'independent line' from Thame Junction into Risborough station - thank you!

*Actually, grandparents, parents and older children, may enjoy being a ‘train driver’ too!

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