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Cambrian Tea Room

The Cambrian Tea Room is situated on the platform at Chinnor station and is staffed and entirely run by volunteers. All profits go straight back into the railway's coffers to help keep the wheels turning!

  1. Open during daytime when the trains are running
  2. Hours are open from 15 minutes before departure of the first train and closed after the departure of the last daytime service (please note we are not open for any evening services)
  3. Personal supervision of our Catering Manager Stephanie, who very much looks forward to your visit


  • Refreshing Tea £1.20
  • Selection of Green and Fruit teas £1.40
  • Lovely Coffee £1.50
  • Silky Hot Chocolate £1.50
  • Various Cans £1.00
  • Bottled Mineral Water £1.00
  • Various Fruit Juices 80p
  • Kiddies Squashes 30p to 60p


  • Mmmm... Bacon or Sausage Bap £2.50
  • Freshly made Sandwiches from £2.50
  • Delicious Homemade Cakes from £1.70
  • Fruit or Choco Muffins £1.00
  • Snacky Crisps & Chocolate (Mars etc) 70p
  • Nibbling Cheddars from 65p
  • Various Cookies 50p to 80p

Image is of Stephanie, Volunteer Manageress: as always she is meticulously cleaning up after the Tea Room has closed for the day.

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