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  5. 1369 was at Chinnor from Nov 2016 until Jan 2017

1369 was at Chinnor from Nov 2016 until Jan 2017

Locomotive No.1369 returned to Chinnor in November 2016 to work our Santa Specials, Carol Evening and Mince Pie Specials. We are always delighted to see No.1369 on her occasional forays to Chinnor and she performs exceedingly well: testament to the South Devon Railway's maintenance team and also to Richard, who is our Mr Steam at Chinnor and his volunteers, who always treat this grand old lady with the utmost respect. She then returned to the South Devon Railway in January 2017 for a well deserved overhaul.

The 1366 Class were built for dock shunting to replace various elderly Cornwall Mineral Railway locomotives. They kept many of the features of the older locomotives though, including the Allan straight link valve gear. The seven engines of the 1366 Class (numbered 1366 - 1371) spent most of their careers either at Weymouth, where they worked the Quay branch for many years and at Swindon, where they were used for shunting the extensive works facilities. In 1962, with replacement at Weymouth Docks by diesels imminent, three were transferred to the Wenfordbridge china clay branch in Cornwall. No.1369 was one of those so deployed and remained in service there until 1964 when the diesels once again ousted them from their duties. No.1369 was then happily taken to the South Devon Railway and she is now celebrating her 56th year in preservation.

1366 Class
Built year
Engine output
16,320 lbs
Returned to the SDR in Jan 2017
Wheel arrangement

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