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Chinnor Community Pavilion

Chinnor Community Pavilion opened in 2016 providing modern facilities for sports and entertainment and offers a range of events throughout the year. Look out for Chinnor Beer Festival, Easter Treasure Hunt, and more! The Pavilion has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere making it a great meeting place for both the community and visitors alike, and with a modern bar area - there is even a team waiting to serve you with your favourite drink!

Directions from station - 10 min walk:

  • From Chinnor station entrance, turn left at the bus stop and walk through car park.
  • Cross road and turn left towards rail bridge.
  • Cross over railway bridge.
  • Proceed straight on over the crossroads.
  • Continue walking along Station Road and see various points of interest en-route (see below):

1: Chinnor Methodist Church - recently refurbished, situated on left hand side.

2: The Wee Book Shop and Café, which is a lovely, local book shop and café open Sundays from 10.00 - 16.00,  on the left hand side.

3: The Old Forge historic thatched roof residential house, which was a forge long ago!

Just afterwards turn right into the car park and see the Community Pavillion in front of you and on the left.