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The Great St Trinians Treasure Hunt KIDS 1

The Great St Trinians Train Robbery - Treasure Hunt for all the family
In association with Chiltern Heritage Festival - Sunday 22 September

It's 1966 and London's arch criminal mastermind, Alphonse Askett has sent his gang to rob the train of its two and a half million quid. Alas for them their van broke down during the getaway. They were forced to stash the loot in a secret hideaway until the heat dies down and then they made their way to Chinnor hoping to jump a train back to London.

As Detectives you've been called in to solve the case. Using the twelve clues you'll be given can you unscramble the name of where the cash is hidden ? But look out, those pesky St Trinians Girls are on the case and may try to mislead you. Do you trust them? Oh, and did we mention two of the gang, Bertie "Brains" Bishop and Gelignite Jeffries have been spotted in the area - they may be on the station or even on the train. Their photofits are below. If you see them challenge them for the secret password.

When you've answered all the questions on your Crime Sheet hand it in at the shop. Three lucky winners will be drawn at random a couple of days later and each will receive a pair of tickets to join us on board for a superb Ploughmans Lunch in our Dining Car. Good hunting.


All the while your steam locomotive is lazily billowing out steam past your window or the vintage diesel is growling its way along the line. From 11.00 onwards our volunteers will be making their way through the train with an at-seat service of tea, coffee and light refreshments.

If you are looking for something more to do whilst in Chinnor then see our guide 'Stroll Around Chinnor Village' which includes links to the Wee Bookshop and The Village Centre for food and drink, ditto Bar/Restaurant meals in local pubs, or say visit the Windmill (generally open first and third Sunday in the month) or the local Church, and the guide also lists other places that may be of interest.

Also, why not make several trips as your travel tickets are valid all day long, of course!

Departure Times

  Diesel Steam Diesel Steam Steam Steam
Chinnor Depart 09.30 11.00 12.15 13.35 15.00 16.30
Princes Risborough Platform 4 arrive 10.00 11.25 12.40 14.00 15.25 16.55
Princes Risborough Platform 4 depart 10.15 11.35 12.50 14.10 15.35 17.05
Chinnor arrive 10.40 12.00 13.15 14.35 16.00 17.35

Travel Prices - All Day Rover

  In advance: By 20.00
on day before travel
On the day:
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Online Agency:
Booking Fee
Adult (16-59 yrs) £11 £12 £2 per complete booking
Senior (60+ yrs) £9 £10  
Adult National Railcard holder# £9 £10  
Accompanied Child Flat Fare** (5-15 yrs) £1 £1  
Child (0-4 yrs) £Free £Free  



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Sun 22 Sep 2019
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