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Historic Auto-trailer & Steam from CHINNOR

We are delighted that historic Auto-trailer 167 which was constructed in 1929 and is now a 'vintage' 92 years old will be hauled / propelled by GWR Steam Locomotive No. 6412 on selected dates during the Autumn season.

The Auto-trailer is synonymous with the Watlington-Chinnor-Princes Risborough services of yesteryear and a similar vehicle was used on the branchline trains for very many years until closure of BR passenger services in 1957.

The first outings of this historic vehicle will be on Saturday 25 September and on this date we will be picking up passengers and setting them down again only at Chinnor. Then, when our volunteers are happy with the performance of both Auto-trailer and locomotive working together, we will seek to operate trains on more Saturdays - including picking-up and setting down passengers at Princes Risborough Platform 4.

From your Auto-trailer seat you can see the panorama of the Chiltern foothills unfold as the steam drifts gently past the windows - you might also spot some of our local wildlife too and it is rather rare not to see Red Kites whirling overhead! For more information on what you can see en-route please take a look at our Journey Guide from Chinnor to Princes Risborough.

Our range of concessionary fares for children, seniors, local residents, Blue Lamp card holders etc., will continue to be available for travel in the Auto-trailer.


Trains will depart from Chinnor station at 10.30, 11.45, 13.00, 14.10, 15.25 16.30 and the return journey lasts for up to 50-minutes.

An historic note: the 11.45 and 15.25 services ran at those times from Chinnor in 1947 (and to similar departure times over very many years!).


All tickets for this event are sold from CHINNOR. When you book your tickets below they are for one complete round trip in the Auto-trailer at the departure time from Chinnor shown which will be hauled / propelled by the steam locomotive from Chinnor to Princes Risborough and return. You can book online until almost midnight for the following morning trains and for the less busy afternoon services up to one-hour before departure. Note: if tickets are available on the day they will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis at Chinnor station.

To ensure thoughtful distancing the number of tickets issued will be limited and sold for one complete round trip of the line only - however if spaces are available a second-trip may be available using your existing ticket on the afternoon trains (14.10 departure onwards) on application to Chinnor station Booking Office.

We are delighted to also offer a range of even further Adult Half-price Fare Reductions to certain Concessionary Card Holders and these include:

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Sat 25 Sep 2021