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Queens Platinum Jubilee Friday - plus optional boxed Cream Tea also Children travel for just 1:

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday on Friday 03 June at The Icknield Line.

Bronwen & Graham

Live singing and music by Bronwen & Graham.

1950s Britain

To many people who grew up in 1950s Britain, they are a clearly remembered age; but for later generations it will be something they may have only heard about from parents or family. Here's just a flavour of that era from some local people of a 'certain age' and what they could recall:

"We walked to school, had open fires and no central heating - in winter you scraped the ice off the bedroom window, and that was on the inside! We travelled on the Watlington Flyer (tongue-in-cheek name, because it wasn't speedy!) and the train took us into Princes Risborough for shopping, or to visit friends and relatives at Aston Rowant. Sweets and crisps were a proper treat (there were no flavoured crisps, just a 'twist' of salt in blue paper); drinking ‘Tizer’ was fondly remembered, and if we were lucky, we got a Sherbet Fountain. Mum gave us a teaspoon of 'Malt and Cod Liver Oil' before school which tasted awful, and as for Gran's violet-flavoured white chocolate retrieved from the depths of her handbag, yuk!”.

Another said, "We played in the street with our friends and felt really safe; everyone looked out for everyone else: the front door of our home was always unlocked and sister's boyfriend had a motorcycle and sidecar that didn't even have a lock!” (It was not until 1957 that British motorcycles were fitted with locks and keys.) It was 'Mr this' and 'Mrs that' and first names were not used in the same way we do today. Wartime values were still very strong. Respectability, conformity, restraint, and trust were the values of the majority, which tone underpinned the Fifties. BBC radio was predictable and the embodiment of all that!

In addition to Compartment Specials (for 6-persons) and Adult fares, we also offer Senior reductions, Local Resident reductions and Kids-for-a-Quid. Plus there are further Adult Fare Reductions for certain Concessionary Card Holders to travel in Open-plan seats:

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