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Donations of Railway Books, DVDs, Puzzles, Railway models etc

Railway books.

We accept good-quality railway books with original dust jackets - those which find a ready market are related to the local area, especially those featuring the Great Western Railway (GWR) and locomotives. Second-hand books of any non-railway description are not accepted, unless individual volumes are particularly rare or sought-after. 


As with Books, those DVDs featuring the Great Western Railway (GWR) and those on locomotives are saleable, provided they are in ‘as new’ condition.


We no longer accept donations of VHS tapes (videos) and this is because the universal use of DVDs means that very few buy the tapes any longer.


Unless they are particularly old railway magazines – in excess of 50 years old – there is no value in either individual copies or bound sets and the best way to dispose of them is via your local recycling centre.

Jigsaw puzzles.

Railway-themed puzzles which are intact and in 'as new' condition are accepted.

Model railway items.

Second-hand models in working order and good clean condition - such as Locomotives, carriages, trucks, buildings, and scenery, are very welcome donations. We accept all gauges and also continental items.

Photos, negatives and slides.

Those which are related to the local line and the area more generally - especially those featuring the Great Western Railway (GWR), are particularly welcome for use in our publications etc.

Museum items and ephemera.

At present, we do not have suitable display space for our visitors to enjoy such items, and whilst that may change in the future, any items donated now will go into storage. We cannot accept objects with specific conditions attached or those which are offered on long-term loan. As with photos, we accept only those items which are related to the local line and the area more generally - especially those featuring the Great Western Railway.

How to donate any of the above.

Please send us an email about your proposed donation to marketing@chinnorrailway.co.uk and it will be appreciated if, where appropriate, you can list any titles with author and publisher, or any other details. Alternatively, if you can include photo(s) so that we can assess them, then that can be particularly helpful.

Please do not bring any objects into the station without having made a prior appointment, as we regret will be unable to accept items due to lack of storage space - a refusal may cause offence, which is never our intention. We regret that we are unable to arrange collection, except under particular circumstances.

Or alternatively... could you spare just a fiver towards our General Fund please?

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