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Can you help complete the 'Risborough Extension?

Can you help complete the 'Risborough Extension?


As you may know, we have been running our trains into our newly rebuilt fourth platform at Princes Risborough since August 2018 by the temporary expedient of passing through a half mile long Network Rail siding when it is not otherwise in use.

We need to complete the extension project by recommissioning our own line alongside, on the former trackbed of the original Watlington branch. This had become derelict since it was closed in 1989. Our income during the pandemic years has been minimal, and we are now seeking help in acquiring the materials needed.

Derelect Watlington Line

The necessary Transport and Works Act Order for what we are calling the Chinnor Independent Line was made by the Secretary of State in April 2021. We have already cleared the trees, dismantled and removed the old derelict track components (some for re-use), flattened the track bed, installed buried services and erected some signal posts!

Next we need to acquire and lay replacement track, ballast it, and install points and signalling.

Removing derelect track

May we ask for your donation and support please

How much money do we need? It depends.... If we had pots of cash we could employ contractors to get the job done quickly with all new materials. Unlikely. So we will do it our usual way – seeking opportunities to acquire and transport mainly second-hand materials as the money becomes available, and doing the work ourselves. We are all volunteers.

We've already got the key plant. Any monies left over or arriving after completion will be used for the ongoing maintenance, operation and development of the Railway.

Would you like to play your part, supporting the project financially? To achieve that warm glow of satisfaction, you can donate:

P.S. Any sum of monies is very welcome - but for those with generous wallets and purses you can select +£100 and add in any multiples, e.g. Quantity 2 will donate £200 etc.

Alternatively, you can make a donation by cheque payable to 'C&PRRA Ltd' and posted to: PR Extension Appeal, CPRRA, Station Road, Chinnor OX39 4ER.

Thank you for your support and it is greatly appreciated.

Installing signal post

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