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D3018 Haversham (13018, 08011)

Originally Numbered 13018 and delivered from the Derby Works to Willesden shed (1A) in February 1953. In July 1958 it was renumbered D3018. In 1971 after a spell at Cricklewood it moved to Bletchley where it was used mainly at the Wolverton Works and frequently on Royal Train Duties. In June 1974 the shunter was renumbered into the TOPS numbering system, becoming 08011. It became the oldest working diesel on British Rail and was repainted near its original green livery and named HAVERSHAM by the staff of Bletchley.

HAVERSHAM was used in conjunction with the resignalling of the Chiltern Line and during March 1991 helped our Association to recover redundant signalling equipment and actually worked down the Watlington Branch. Due to the engine being vacuum braked only, Haversham was withdrawn from traffic on 16 December 1991, remaining at Aylesbury until being purchased by the Railway Association and handed over by John Nelson, Director of Network Southeast, at a special ceremony at Princes Risborough, as part of the Aylesbury Turbo Open Day, on Saturday 25 April 1992. On 24 August 1994 the engine hauled the first public train to Wainhill Crossing...

Historical Note:

This mammoth fleet of 350 hp diesel electric shunting locomotives, the largest fleet of diesel locomotives ever built in this country numbering 1193 in total when construction ceased; now well under 500 locomotives survive in service, but many more are used in private industry or on preserved railways. The design was a direct descendant of the LMS 12033 series of 1945 with the body design being almost identical. During the construction of the fleet several detail differences were made, mainly with different power units and traction equipment.

Stock body
29' 3" x 8' 6"
Brake type
Vacuum only when built, subsequently Air / Vacuum
BR Class 08
Built year
Engine output
Engine type
English Electric 6 cylinder 6KT
Fuel tank capacity
668 Gallons
12' 8"
Main generator
English Electric 801
Max speed
25 MPH
Stopped for repairs
Tractive effort
Two English Electric 506 Traction Motors
48 tonnes
Wheel arrangement
0-6-0 Diesel electric
Wheel diameter
4' 6"
0-6-0 DE

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