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GWR Small Prairie 4555

BREAKING NEWS!!! We can now officially announce that our new steam locomotive for the 2024 season is....... 4555. She's on hire from our friends at the Dartmouth Steam Railway for the main summer season and will be pulling her first train on the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway on Sunday 10th March.  She has been specially repainted from her Great Western livery to the British Railways lined green livery ready for her arrival at our Railway!

And she's going to celebrate her 100th birthday this year!!

Keep an eye on www.facebook.com/chinnorrailway

GWR Swindon
GWR Small Prairie
Built year
Engine output
Boiler pressure 200 lbs/sq in
Engine type
Cylinder size 17 in × 24 in
Fuel tank capacity
Water 1000 imperial gallons, coal 3t 14cwt
British Railways lined green
Max speed
25mph on our line!
Starting in service on 10th March
Tractive effort
21,250 lbf
57 tons
Wheel arrangement
Wheel diameter
4 ft 7+1⁄2 in

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